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Captain Sam Stephenson, J.D.
         PRESIDENT & CEO



Captain Stephenson, J.D.  is a  USCG - Master Mariner of Any Gross Tons and licensed as an unlimited tonnage state & federal pilot for Port Everglades, Florida. Captain Stephenson has over 17 years experience in civil & criminal cases in both federal & state courts involving pleasure crafts and commercial vessels. Cases have involved collisions, allisions, groundings, rules of road, shiphandling, maritime boundary disputes, shiphandling, narrow channels,  personal injury, piloting and electronic patent litigation, etc. Prior to becoming a Port Everglades pilot, Captain Stephenson was Commandant of Cadets at Texas A&M at Galveston and Captain on the United States Training Ship Texas Clipper II.  Captain Stephenson has years of experience as captain on various types of ships. In addition, he is lead instructor at Resolve Maritime Academy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has developed senior level courses for captains/senior officers and pilots.  Captain Stephenson is  President of the Florida Harbor Pilots Association and in 2015 was appointed to the USCG-Navigation Safety Advisory Council.  

SMI maritime experts hold USCG - Master Mariner Licenses of Any Gross Tons and have over a century of combined seagoing and shiphandling experience.

Areas of Expertise: Pleasure crafts, COLREGS, shiphandling, navigation, collisions, groundings, accident reconstruction, seamanship, personal injury, sailing, jet skis, dockings, undockings, tugs, towing.

Contact Information:  Captain Sam Stephenson (954) 336-4664

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