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Reconstruction of maritime accidents from collisions to groundings using one of the most technologically advanced bridge simulators in the United States. 

Ship Models - over 100 various ship models in database including: pleasure boats, sailboats, passenger ships, cargo ships, oil tankers, podded vessels, etc.

Weather Conditions - Accurate & realistic simulation of dynamic weather conditions including: fog, hurricanes, squalls, high winds, etc.

​Exercises - designed, planned and executed by our team of expert consultants to ensure our clients have the most realistic & accurate simulation available.

Accuracy – state of the art software is used for realistic simulation of ships behavior at sea and in port, including shallow water affect, interaction between vessels, and squat, and sinkage.

Reality – ultra high definition projectors & screens allow various views including: birds-eye, underwater, bridge wing, main bridge.

Technology -  simulator uses advanced technology to represent both spatial and temporal behaviour of the ship models. The hydrodynamic modeling allows for ships to respond to wind, waves, currents, and respond to effects such as collision, allision, shallow water, bank effects, bow & stern thrusters, and ship to ship interaction.